Sky Diving Gear that You Should Never Forget

sky diving

It is quite an exciting feeling to go sky diving. The fresh breeze of the air running on your face, the thrill of jumping thirteen thousand feet off the ground, and enjoying the whole experience with the people you care about. It is a brand new Amsterdam holiday experience if you can skydive when you go here or near the area compared to a guided bike tour in Amsterdam .

Here are some of the gear that you should not forget when sky diving:

A parachute

First and foremost, the gear that you should never ever forget is the parachute. Skydiver takes pride in the kind of parachute that they choose to buy. For beginners like you, it is safe to buy the simple and bigger sized parachutes. It is like the basic design of parachutes. As you become better in sky diving, you will opt for a smaller chute so that you can manage and control it more. You can shop online for sky diving parachutes and save more using agoda discount voucher codes.

Automatic Activation Device

This is also known as AAD. It is placed in rigs just in case your first parachute does not open up. It is your fail save devices so that your backup parachute can activate even if the first did not. You should always think of your safety even if you are just having fun in sky diving. Protect yourself at all times.


sky diveYou should document every skydive that you do. It preserves the emotions and the feelings that you have during your dive. A good digital sports camera like the X-Sports cameras can really capture all the motions and reactions clearly and in high resolution even on a dating app. Buy the accessories in which you can attach the camera to your helmet to make your documentation better and more stable.

Sky diving goggles

Another essential product that you need to equip yourself during sky diving is a pair of goggles. These can come in many different shapes and sizes and most of all they're cheap when you use aliexpress  coupon code upon check out.  It can help you protect your eyes during your whole activity. The sky diving goggles can also help you see better and be in full control of your movement while you are up in the air.

6 thoughts on “Sky Diving Gear that You Should Never Forget

  1. I think a jumpsuit is also needed in sky diving. The suits are designed on the type of skydiver doing the activity. If you like free flying, then you may opt to choose the one with a good drag in the limbs. If you like belly flying, you need the suits with booties.

  2. You should always bring goggles during your jumps. If your eyes are closed or distracted with dirt or air, you will not be able to manipulate your movements and go to where you want to go. A good vision will always protect you from the start to the end of the dive.

  3. Nice published article. I have not done any sky diving yet in my whole life but I am willing to try. I was not sure about where to get those parachutes. How do I check if they actually work? Do I need to have it assessed by an expert skydiver?

  4. For me, I always bring along my gps tracker for security purposes.

  5. It’s nice to have a complete set of gear to record a skydiving event. It’s not a daily pleasurable activity so it must be recorded 🙂

  6. There are so many cool gadgets in the market these days. And they usually come cheaper by the day LOL

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